sunday bike ride

With April's high temperatures I was bracing for May to be hot and me cranking the A/C. However, May has been pleasant, mostly in the 70's (my favorite!) and Sunday was even cooler in the 60's. We had the time so it seemed a great opportunity to bike ride as a family. And it was.

Usually Jesse takes the lead on the trail and then I lead on the return trip, but today he wanted me in front for the entire ride, so that was fun. It turned out to be close to ten miles round trip. The trail follows a creek, and although beforehand we said we wouldn't be getting wet, Roone requested frequently to stop because he saw a "scenic view." It seems he has learned how to pull at my heartstrings as "scenic view" would normally get me to stop! However, I told him the entire ride was scenic and we kept riding. On the way back, though I saw a scenic view myself and made the executive decision to pull off. No one complained. We saw Mr. and Mrs. Mallard ride the current, smelled the sweet honeysuckle, and for those of us inclined (everyone but me), skip rocks. 

I'm most proud of Ella as she had walked the zoo the day before with Jesse and described herself as tired before the ride. She's stronger than she realizes, I think, and biked the trail without complaining. I praised her profusely and she said herself that she is stronger than last year. How great she recognizes this about herself!

This picture of Roone is from five years ago. We've come along way as a biking family since then.


Susanna said…
10 miles, wow! Steve loves that bike trail too.