a saturday morning

Last week was wonderfully dry. It had been raining continually for so long that the yard was soggy. So the weather was dry, sunny and warm last week ~ wonderfully welcome.

I had thought to get out early Saturday morning to weed in the garden, but when I got up at 530 it had rained the night before. I decided to hold off and have coffee with Jesse first.

Thankfully the backyard is shaded in the morning due to neighbors' trees, so there is a good chunk of time that I can be outside, stay cool and get some weeding done. First, though, I took a stroll and enjoyed the well-groomed garden beds and the beauty emerging.

I'm always in need of a good lesson and there is one here, of course. The garden requires work (and sweat and time and research and money and backaches) but it gives so much and it's very important to take the time to enjoy the results of hard work or else the work becomes resented ~ or is that just me?!

This week looks to be dry again, but classically Midwestern hot in the 80's (the tomato plants will love it). If I want to garden it will be during the peaceful, cool mornings. Beyond that you'll probably find me and the kids poolside.