for monday

Monday mornings in the Summer! 

I woke up with the thought that continuing to lounge in bed would be a nice choice. Instead, I had breakfast with Jesse and then returned to that bed. However, before my return I asked Jesse if he'd mind picking up tacos for dinner. He said, no problem, because he's nice like that. I made the request as a tired lady, coming off a full, fun weekend knowing it would be a hot day and not wanting to bake the pizza that was on my Dinner-To Do list. 

Sometimes it's great to go back to bed for a few minutes, if that's an option. Those minutes resting and sipping my coffee obviously helped me to fully wake up and to get perspective. Perspective, what a great thing. The truth is I can't lounge in bed all day. A few minutes respite here and there are welcome, but I get antsy. I like having things to do. So I prepared myself for the day and went outside to pick the kale and spinach for a dinner salad. While out there I looked at the grass, getting tall and the fingerling potato bed that was ready to be harvested. Since the backyard is shady until mid-morning it was difficult not to be motivated for these yard chores. 

If I think activity is healthy for my children then the same holds true for me. The chores felt good and upon gathering the potatoes I began thinking that a large salad accompanied by boiled potatoes with butter and salt will be a great dinner. Carryout tacos are always good, but this homegrown option will be more welcome this evening.