james a. reed memorial wildlife area

We have frequented the James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area for fishing and archery. Saturday was the first time that Roone and I were able to accompany Ella and Jesse at the archery range. Not only is there a range for target practice, but also a trail through the woods with 20+ targets, which is where Ella practiced. We arrived early and the day was cool anyway, so it was wonderful to have a walk in the woods watching Ella be an archer. Perfect for a Saturday morning.

It's always impressive to see my children do anything. It's amazing, to me, that I get to be their mother and everything they do is wonderful! I have no knowledge or experience with archery, so to see Ella develop this skill separate from me makes it that much more impressive!

After archery, we spent a few hours at nearby Gopher Lake (the area has 11 lakes). The kids and Jesse fished while I read a gardening book, soaked up Vitamin D and found flowers to photograph (of course). Although there were just a few fish bites, we did bring home a catfish now residing in the freezer waiting for another day to be fried. 

September weather can be fickle. Will it be hot or cold? I was so thankful for an autumnal-like day where we could be in long-sleeves and jeans and comfortable! Minus the humidity it makes one enjoy Midwest living again.