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Sunday, September 11, 2016

james a. reed memorial wildlife area

We have frequented the James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area for fishing and archery. Saturday was the first time that Roone and I were able to accompany Ella and Jesse at the archery range. Not only is there a range for target practice, but also a trail through the woods with 20+ targets, which is where Ella practiced. We arrived early and the day was cool anyway, so it was wonderful to have a walk in the woods watching Ella be an archer. Perfect for a Saturday morning.

It's always impressive to see my children do anything. It's amazing, to me, that I get to be their mother and everything they do is wonderful! I have no knowledge or experience with archery, so to see Ella develop this skill separate from me makes it that much more impressive!

After archery, we spent a few hours at nearby Gopher Lake (the area has 11 lakes). The kids and Jesse fished while I read a gardening book, soaked up Vitamin D and found flowers to photograph (of course). Although there were just a few fish bites, we did bring home a catfish now residing in the freezer waiting for another day to be fried. 

September weather can be fickle. Will it be hot or cold? I was so thankful for an autumnal-like day where we could be in long-sleeves and jeans and comfortable! Minus the humidity it makes one enjoy Midwest living again.

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