apple pie cookies

It is autumn. The temperatures are cool. The oven is on.
Those three sentences complement each other so well!

Last year I made apple pie cookies for the first time. They were a hit.

What's not to love about apple pie that you can hold in your hand?
I can't find the original link that gave me this idea, but it's very simple.

If you want ultra-simple then simply purchase ready made pie crust and cans of apple pie mix from the store. If you want a more handmade approach then search for an apple pie filling and pie crust that you make yourself. The latter is what I did!

All you do is cut circles from the pie crust with a biscuit cutter, or even a glass will do. Then you add a small scoop of pie filling, put another circle on top, press the edges with a fork and prick the top.

Place on cookie sheets and bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

Voila ~ celebrating Autumn ensues via food!


Susanna said…
Martha Stewart has a recipe for hand pies that looks similar; looks delicious. You just need to grow an apple tree now.:)
Rachel said…
We planted four trees in 2014! Maybe we'll get some fruit set next year.