lone jack civil war trail at lake jacomo

With Jesse having the week off for hunting, and a few extra days to spare from that activity we headed out on Friday to enjoy a local hike. We settled on a five-mile hike at Lake Jacomo called the Lone Jack Civil War Trail. We knew from past experience that the trails are not marked well at the lake but we did have an online map and the GPS on Jesse's phone worked so marked or not it didn't matter for our hike. The trail was basically in the shape of a figure eight and connected two smaller trails together. If you wanted a shorter hike you could choose one trail. I'm glad we did the entire five miles, though. It felt great to get out and move since this time of year is the beginning of being more sedentary. Five miles is a good trek so by the time we were done I was ready to be home and make coffee, but the time out with my family was refreshing since it's my favorite activity. We even brought along our dog, Arwen, which was her first on a trail in the woods. I'm not sure why we haven't brought her before since we've taken her to the park but having her with us made it that much more fun and we'll do it again. We even came across some bittersweet and brought some home as a "souvenir" since it makes such a beautiful wreath. I highly recommend this trail as long as you have a map and preferably GPS!