Tcha-To-Ga trail

This past weekend found us hiking yet again, so this makes three weeks in a row that we've hiked. This is not a bad habit to have, really doesn't take that much time out of our day and we're all better for the exercise and fresh air.

We skip rocks, search for deer rubs, identify birds, sit lakeside while sipping a warm beverage, have conversations that I'm convinced wouldn't occur otherwise, and, this time, have a "dead" opossum in our path. I write "dead" because you really don't know with opossums if the death is real or fake, so we went off trail to get around him just in case. Now we have a "dead opossum on the trail" story which you couldn't experience  just anywhere. 

The trail we hiked, Tcha-To-Ga trail, was half the trail we hiked 2 weeks ago, Lone Jack Civl War trail. The 1.2 mile sign is misleading as we ended up closer to 3 miles, but sometimes we go off trail and not just because of "dead" opossums. We chose this half of the larger trail because it was a narrow, woodsy path and the other is a wider, gravel trail frequented by runners.

This trail is near the elk and buffalo enclosure at Lake Jacomo so we drove by and saw those mighty beasts. Jesse commented on how much meat he was seeing, Ella was appalled at that comment, but I had to agree that now when I see certain animals I wonder how much meat could be put in the freezer. This is the life of a hunter's wife!