3 of 40: lone jack civil war trail

(since we began hike #1 with a selfie 
we've decided to make it a tradition for these - hopefully - 40 hikes in 2017)

Our third hike of the year found us at the Lone Jack Civil War Trail again. When we don't have a full day to drive an hour or more away and hike a significant distance (for us), we enjoy having this trail as an option. It is listed as 4.8 miles, but we managed 5.2 as we took a side trail directly down to the lake. 

The day itself was beautiful for February, temperatures in the 40's and sun shining. Sunshine is a big deal in winter! We were warm enough not to wear hats and heavy coats with the kids even stripping off their fleece before walking two miles. We've used this trial only in the past months and usually the area is desolate and we see few people if any. Today, because of the amazing weather, we saw quite a few people on the trails and as a native animal enclosure is near the trail head we saw crowds gathered there. 

Hiking in Missouri is so quiet as it's not really the "thing" to do here and we rarely see others on the trails. When we hiked near Denver, Colorado a few years ago the trail was literally swamped with people. I think my temperament enjoys hiking in solitude, although more people can potentially provide for more entertainment (although my family is highly entertaining in and of themselves!). It was nice to see more people out in this area yesterday, though, simply because being outside is so healthy and this area is quite accessible being near many suburbs. It's great to see people taking advantage of the resource.