4 of 40: rock ledges trail


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This weekend found us hiking our fourth hike of the year. We returned to the Rock Ledges Trail at Lake Jacomo where a few years previous we had memorably gone off trail and returned to the trail head through brambles. We came armed with GPS this time and carefully followed the trail provided online.

The trail is supposedly a 1.5 mile loop. What you actually find is that the trail hasn't been maintained (just like a few years ago) so that the place to turn and loop back to the trail head is non-existent or overgrown, but in any case, is unable to be found. Since I wasn't in the mood for brambles, we turned back to retrace our steps. Jesse, however, cannot resist exploring and was intent on finding the other portion of the trail. So he and Roone walked through brambles parallel to me and Ella (approximately 50 yards between us) and and eventually did find the trail. Ella and I climbed to join them and exited the trail on the final portion of this loop.

This portion does not look used (whereas the initial path is well-worn), but does appear that work is being done to make it accessible. Our final mileage was 2.3 miles. Our experiences with this trail find the map and trail markings outdated. It is a nice path, enjoyable to walk and if it were actually a fully accessible loop with clear information it would be one we'd return to more often.