warmth & light

Nature to a saint is sacramental. 
If we are children of God, 
we have a tremendous treasure in Nature. 
In every wind that blows, 
in every night and day of the year, 
in every sign of the sky, 
in every blossoming 
and in every withering of the earth, 
there is a real coming of God to us 
if we will simply use our starved imagination 
to realize it. 
-Oswald Chambers-

From the patio doors
I could see a glimpse of bright red in the bed of strawberry plants.
Although our weather has been Spring-like
I knew the plants wouldn't be bearing fruit just yet,
but I still had to go out for myself and see.
Color in February,
other than the consistent grays and browns,
needs to documented,
even if it is simply the mottled hues of reds
on a strawberry leaf
drawn to the surface by warmth and light.