7 of 40: mcadoo trail system

I think Ella is the only one looking in the "right" place for this picture!

This weekend found us with a few extra hours, so we drove a good hour east back to Knob Noster State Park. We first hiked at this state park last December. Although overcast it was a warm hike with temperatures in the 50's. The trees are still bare, but the undergrowth of brambles and bushes are beginning to leaf out, so the blanket of green in our line of sight is pretty as we hike. 

This trail is called the McAdoo Trail System because it is designed for horses AND hikers. We did see evidence of horses, but not so much that we had to side step the entire hike. It was a solitary hike as we were the only ones on the trail, that we could see, this day. I like this state park because it is so far from the city, however this trail head is located near a main road, so the beginning and ending of the hike included traffic noise, not a favorite of ours! 

What we did like about this hike was that it was a workout. Steep inclines throughout made our muscles burn, but that is an okay thing for this aging lady! I also know that hikes such as this are healthy for the children and build their confidence and endurance. Online the map is marked at 7 miles, the on site signage says 6.5 miles, and we tracked our hike to be 4.5 miles. 

It's good to be flexible with these trail details because they aren't always what they seem. Another plus to our time in the woods was seeing multiple white-tailed deer. Since the trees are still leafless and the views are sweeping we can see for long distances at this park which lends us to seeing the deer, which is fun for us.