april in pictures


strawberry blossoms

reading/writing/drawing american ladies

crabapple blossoms



nerf night with the church youth group

apple tree blossoms

first lady florence harding

easter sunday

robin's nest just outside the kitchen window

olympus mons experiment 

peony blooms - these usually don't appear until mother's day weekend!

The month of April juxtaposes beginnings and endings.

All the greens with accompanying blooms signify, that yes!, Spring is here.The plants survived and the sun and warmth are our regular days now. An unseasonably warm Spring means the blooms are early this year,and I'll take the grace because seeing the beauty and the life right outside my windows is a great gift.

The end of the month of  April signifies the completion of our school book work. According to Missouri state law I can keep tracking hours through the month of June, but our workbooks will be put away and our days will be more "free." Teacher and students are equally welcoming the time.

We finished the year with math (always), dictation (usually hymns), scripture memorization,studying astronomy (Roone) and studying prominent American women (Ella). The frequent question for us is whether or not we will home school through high school. The answer to that question could be a very long post, but the short answer is, what we are doing is working so why change? 

April has also brought the first, albeit small, harvests from the garden, but I'll save those for a garden specific post.


Susanna said…
I love the robins eggs! And the dictation! We just had a snow storm last night/today...hoping my lilacs pulled through. :(
Rachel said…
Colorado and snow! If the FB pic you posted a couple of days ago was of your own lilacs they are beautiful. We also have a wren that has built a nest and another robin's nest in the front yard. So fun.