the april garden

lemon balm (background) & oregano (foreground)

kale, lettuce & spinach

strawberry plants

clockwise from top left: carrots, garlic & onions

25 lbs. of russet seed potatoes for planting

We have had an abundant amount of rainfall this Spring and we are so thankful that everything is bright green and healthy! Any seeds that have been planted (kale, spinach, lettuce, carrots, potatoes) have already sprouted, and most of the herbs, tomatoes, peppers and onions that were purchased as small plants are happy and survived the strong winds from Spring storms. Perennial herbs such as lemon balm, oregano and sage are already thriving and I've begun to harvest and dry oregano already. The strawberry plants love their new location and it looks like this year's harvest will make up for what we did not reap last year due to transplanting. 

Last year I weighed everything from the garden except greens and herbs. I think because they weigh so little and I frequently run outside and grab what I need in the moment right before a meal, that it's more tedious to make the effort. However, it really doesn't take that much time and I'm curious enough to want to find out how much we actually harvest of those items so I think I'll be motivated this year. From gardens measuring almost 1,000 square feet we hope to use our space even more wisely this year and grow more than the 500 pounds we did last year.

2017 Produce in Pounds (Ounces so far!)
12 ounces - Oregano
5 ounces - Kale
5 ounces - Strawberries


Susanna said…
How do you plant potato "eyes". Just drop them in and cover with soil?
Rachel said…
Well, yes. But not just the has to be attached to the potato as seen above. Each of those portions are called a seed potato, buried in the dirt and then grow its own plant from which, hopefully, 6 good sized russets will form.