12 of 40: triple falls (twin falls)

After Hideout Hollow we decided to take a short drive to the Kyle's Landing area near to hike (casually walk) the .7 mile trail of Triple Falls (Twin Falls). This trail goes by two names because at times the water flow is low and only two falls can be seen. It was special that when we were there three falls were flowing so we had the full Triple Falls experience. 

The walk was easy, but the road getting to the trail head was an experience in and of itself. Oh my, we've never been rocked so much! Taking the time to drive here was worth it though. We were there in late afternoon, it was a bit muggy by that time, but down in this area it was nice and cool and shaded. People has set up hammocks to relax after hiking other trails and we were able to chat with them about other trails in the area that we had hiked and they had hiked. Trail chit chat is always nice and friendly. Everybody seems genuinely excited for others on the trail to enjoy the experience and to offer wisdom about what the trail has to offer or what challenges lie ahead.

There were no challenges on this trail since it was such a short distance. It was a nice repose for a while to end this first day of our get away. 

After our time here we decided to drive south of the city of Jasper to the Cliff House Inn Restaurant. It was to be the only day open for dinner during our time in the area, and it was to have a great view of the Arkansas Grand Canyon since the building sits on a cliff. The view didn't disappoint and neither did the chicken fried steak. We definitely recommend this restaurant. It was cozy with great service, amazing views and home-style food.