14 of 40: pedestal rocks trail

Pedestal Rocks trail is aptly named because you hike into an area where it looks as if rocks are sitting on pedestals! This was a nice early afternoon hike after King's Bluff and lunch. As you can see rain coasts were discarded and the sun shine returned.

This was a very pretty hike with all of the rock formations to see and we were still up high on the bluffs so we had expansive views of the area at different points.  The path was more clear than King's Bluff so I'm assuming it's hiked more often, which surprises me because if I had to choose I'd rather see the amazing waterfall than the rock formations.

The total loop (King's Bluff and Pedestal Rocks) was about four miles and since we completed them by mid-afternoon we felt we had plenty of time to get in one more trail on our way back north. Also, these two trails although being rocky (typical in this area) and steep at times weren't strenuous so we felt we had more energy to give to the day. We saved the strenuous (and best) trails for last.