saturday bike ride

Last weekend afforded us a free Saturday so we rose early and were biking one of our favorite paths by 8:30am. It is really still too warm for hiking, so biking (to me) is second best and as we were there early it was still cool enough to actually feel like autumn on our first loop. The loop is 3.75 miles and we rode three loops, stopping between each loop for water breaks and to provide encouragement (as needed). At just over 11 miles it was a good workout and finishing mid-morning meant we timed it just right to not get overspent due to too much heat.

The lake around which we loop breaks off into a little creek, which, depending on the amount of rainfall is sometimes linked to the lake but often times not. We always stop to check out this space and this time were rewarded with viewing an amazing number of baby catfish (of which Roone had to catch one!). Really, these should be in the larger lake area, so hopefully the lake and creek will be linked again through rainfall and these catfish can survive there.