19 of 40: lost valley trail

Cobb Cave

 Cobb Cave

 Eden Falls
(too dry for a full waterfall!)

 Eden Falls Cave

The Buffalo National River area is one of the sweetest places for our family to visit. I view it as the place where we found our hiking mojo. We first visited the trails here in November 2015 and it's where I really fell in love with hiking. I think it was a mixture of discovering the children's physical ability to hike and the beautiful landscape we viewed. I've been many wonderful places with magnificent views - Colorado, South Dakota, Tennessee, Missouri, Florida - but there's just something about the Buffalo River area that is special to me. 

Last weekend we were able to enjoy three trails in two days. The first hike was on the Lost Valley trail which we hiked in November 2015. This time we did two new things: hiked off trail up the dry creek bed and explored the Eden Valley Cave. We also hiked right up to Eden Falls this time since it was too dry for the full falls. I personally think the dripping moss was beautiful in its own way!

This is one of the most popular trails in the area as it is manageable to hike and easily accessible. There were a good 20 cars at the trail head, but we only saw a handful of people on the hike. It was a warmer day in the upper 70's, but since we were in the valley and shaded (this was strategic) we didn't get too warm. At just over two miles it was a pleasant way to spend our afternoon and begin our time back at the Buffalo River.