20 of 40: whitaker's point trail

down in the valley - twas a misty morning

 up on the mountain

the trail's destination: hawksbill crag

Our second trail on our Autumn adventure to the Buffalo National River was Whitaker's Point trail. We hiked this first back in November 2015 and at the time it seemed such a feat for us (me?); this time, it was a piece of cake. I do remember being a bit anxious on this trail the first time around. The children were ages 11 and 9 and much of the hike is along bluffs. Safety is important to me, and seriously, these are our children and I'm their mother so I'm vigilant (sometimes hyper-vigilant as the need may be). I'm not sure I thoroughly enjoyed it that first go only taking only one good picture of the crag. (Memory is a funny thing, though. I just went and re-read my first account, which is more thorough than this more recent one, and I did enjoy myself!)

The destination for this hike is the Hawksbill Crag. Some hikers are brave enough to sit out there on the edge. Some young men we met at the crag even camped there over night. The views are stunning but we stay away from the edge. Seeing this area in the month of October has the added benefit of color, color, color! The views from the crag are expansive and phenomenal, so we sat for a while to enjoy them before heading back as this is an in and out trail, around 3 miles total.