23 of 40: tcha-to-ga trail

nine of us on the trail - quite the troop!

sycamore tree

prickly pear cactus

deer rub

elk herd

Our family has hiked the Tcha-To-Ga trail at Lake Jacomo many times. It was nice last Sunday to share it with friends. We coupled the trail with the gravel rec trail for a 3-hour, 4.9 mile adventure. It was a warm afternoon, close to 60 degrees, which made for a pleasant hike. Nearby is a Hooved Animal Enclosure with buffalo and elk and since the area is quite large we haven't seen them close to trail head. However, on this day the herd of elk were by the fence so it was a treat to get to be up close with them. This buck was quite impressive to see! Having friends hike with us and sharing what we enjoy with others was a nice addition to our time in the woods.