a day in the life {somewhat}

boiling water for coffee

breakfast with jesse

 making white chocolate peppermint cookies 
for jesse to take to work

 mandolin practice

christmas card prep and mailing

 essay writing


 wood staining for a new shelf

 roone's reading

meat sauce for spaghetti

ella making her way through the third wheel of time book

end of the day reading and chai tea

I told Jesse it's convenient to take pictures of our time outdoors because all that is on my mind is the experience and recording it. Whereas here at home, there are a myriad of things to do and be on my mind so I don't record it as much as I'd like.

Yesterday I decided to document the day, although it really isn't indicative of my entire day because I don't keep my phone handy. In fact, I don't even keep the sound turned up because I don't want to know when I receive an alert! Technologically advanced I am not.

It was sweet (to me) to capture bits of my day from beginning to end. It seems my waking hours are capped by warm drinks, which isn't a bad thing. Our days are regularly filled with reading, music, homemaking (there is always a big or little project in motion) and food preparation. Schooling the children really makes the day fly as we have a regular routine, although, thankfully, it's not rigid (so glad I'm in charge of that decision!). In fact, today it's already almost two o'clock. We've accomplished so much, but yet I don't know where the time went.

A "normal" day includes breakfast with Jesse before the kids wake, Jesse going to work, the kids eating breakfast, getting ready for the day and then schooling in the morning, breaking for lunch, schooling in early afternoon and then free time/dinner preparation in the late afternoon, dinner with Jesse, reading/games, and then bedtime. Written that way it sounds so simple, yet it's anything but. 

I'm going to try to capture more of my days in this way because I truly enjoy my "work" day and want it recorded to look back on just as I do our time outdoors.


Susanna said…
Love seeing a glimpse into your day! And your breakfasts with Jesse must be early!