to the northwoods, pt. 2

roone caught a pike. 

When researching a vacation to Northwest Wisconsin we had many options. We looked at staying in Bayfield just across from the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, and considered staying on Madeline Island, just a ferry's ride across from the mainland. However, we didn't want every day to be an adventure. We were really needing some days where we stayed in one place and relaxed, so we found a cabin on a lake on the outskirts of Mellen. 

This location was perfect for providing lazy days where we slept in, grilled dinner, fished, kayaked, read, played mandolin (Roone), typed a story (Ella) and just sat still having nothing to do. It was amazingly refreshing. It would be easy to spend an entire week in this one place and be content.

One special gift in this area is the presence of loons. They are beautiful birds and have a distinctive call. One night I woke around 2am and heard the sounds of the loon, it's such a great memory. While kayaking and fishing they were company on the water and Jesse captured some great photos of them. 

This balance of adventuring and relaxing really did us well and this area was so peaceful that we'll have a hard time not returning, I think.