to the northwoods, pt. 1

The prescription for our 2018 summer get-away was 1) not too far of a drive 2) relaxing 3) big beauty. We achieved all three goals. We chose the Northwoods of Wisconsin for our destination, staying in a cabin on a lake where we were able to fish, kayak and swim. We would spend entire days at the cabin enjoying the solitude, the lake activities, and amazing weather (highs were 80 degrees, no a/c needed!). We had a list of big beauty adventures that included visiting nearby waterfalls and the Apostle Island National Seashore, and I'll divide all that wonderfulness into separate posts. 

Our lodging was just 10 hours from KC, but we took our leisurley time and stopped in Osceola, WI, just across the border from Minnesota to view Cascade Falls. Since relaxing was on the agenda for the vacation any hikes to view waterfalls were going to be short and sweet. These falls were in the center of town, just to the left of the shops seen above. Wooden stairs have been built to make it convenient to get to the falls, and we enjoyed taking a break from driving to see them - Jesse and Rachel, experience them - Roone, and use them as an inspirational backdrop - Ella. 

The notable cheese area of Wisconsin seems to be more on the east side of the state, so we didn't tour a factory, but we did enjoy our fair share of ice cream which began in this little town. Our drives through western Wisconsin were so pleasant: clean farmland, cute towns and I didn't see one person staring at their phone while driving.