end of august garden 2018

wine crisp apple

granny smith apple

golden wax bean

yellow scallop squash

We are still heavily harvesting tomatoes and herbs and gradually digging up the russet potatoes. Peppers, squash and beans are still trickling in, mostly for fresh consumption. I might need to visit the farmer's market if I want those items in bulk for the freezer. The carrots are still growing and I'm leaving them for now to hopefully harvest large quantities in a month or so. Extra plantings of zinnias are brightening the garden, and the crepe myrtle and althea (rose of sharen) are holding strong. The apple trees have been slow to set fruit, but hopefully we'll get to soon enjoy those two pictured above. Thankfully, the Japanese beetles are gone so it seems we can simply enjoy the garden without pest paranoia. August was a wonderfully rainy month, with a week even in the 70's. Such a true gift for that month when it has a reputation for exhausting heat and dryness. September will be a low key month for gardening as the kids and I begin our schooling routine and Jesse organized a camping event through our church. October should be final harvests, clearing the beds, transplanting bushes and new perennial plantings. 

end of august total:378 pounds, 6 ounces
strawberries~56 pounds
squash~31 pounds (pennsylvania crookneck, yellow scallop. orange custard)
bush beans~9 pounds (golden wax, calima bush)
garlic~2 pounds (inchelium red)
onions~10 pounds (stuttgarter)
roma tomatoes~119 pounds
early girl, better boy & super sonic tomatoes~103 pounds
cherry tomatoes~20 pounds
sweet peppers~3 pounds
carrots~6 ounces
pinto gold potatoes~3 pounds
canela russet potatoes~8 pounds
cucumbers~14 pounds (japanese long, dutch yellow)
various herbs, kale, spinach and lettuce