christmas hike~2019~shawnee mission park.

I've lost my blogging mojo somewhere! Really, keeping up with any type of journaling is simply making the time to do so. It doesn't take very long to upload pictures and write a short paragraph of our adventure. I'll be back tracking for a couple of posts to catch up on adventures and then maybe I'll be in real time. We like to excuse what we don't do by playing the busy card. We all have the same amount of time in each day. Sometimes busyness depends on the amount of responsibities we've added to our lives. Our responsibilities have increased this year, and it's good for me to acknowledge that when I see things undone (even this little blog) that I wish I'd manage more efficiently. One area of greater responsibility is homeschooling a high schooler. Although this feat is not out of my capacity, the management of it has increased my responsibilities (and my daughter's, just ask her and she'll describe her work load!). As with any season of having a full schedule, if there is something I want to do, even tracking our adventures on a blog, I just need to make time for it.

The weekend before Christmas we went on a six-mile hike at Shawnee Mission Park. This is a huge park across the state line into Kansas with a lake, trails, dog park, amphitheater and more. It is very close to residences and seems to be a popular place. Although there were only a handful of hikers and a couple of runners on our trail, the dog park lot was full of cars. We even saw people fishing. The pictures look deceptively warm, it was actually a cold day, so if it was this busy on a cold day I can only imagine the crowds on a warmer day.

The trail provided a nice hike. I always enjoy lake views. It was close to the road and as a busy park we heard quite a bit of traffic, not my favorite sound on a hike. It was nice to get out just before the holidays~marking places in time with a hike is sweet to me, it's like bookmarking a memory.