gardening~march 2019 {hope to begin}

In a sense the new year begins not on January 1, but on the First Day of Spring, at least to me.

That day should be a national holiday.

The garden is yet quiet, but small tasks have begun and first blooms have appeared.

Regarding vegetables, Stuttgarter Onions, De Grace Snow Peas, Red Russian Kale, Barese Swiss Chard and Bloomsdale Spinach have been heavily planted.

Since a garden cannot have enough blooms or the bees and butterflies that accompany them, Black-Eyed Susan, Calendula, Purple Prince Zinnia, Cosmos Xanthos, Zinnia Persian Carpet and Peopny Poppies have been gently placed into the earth.

The leaves serving as blankets are being removed.

Grass seed has been scattered.

The comforting picture of rebirth is occuring, I just have to take the time to acknowledge it.