handmade: a pretty standing desk

Last Spring my husband built himself a standing desk for his home office. He enjoyed standing at his desk when he went into the office, and once he began working from home he knew he wanted to continue standing.

Well, I came to realize that I, too, could utilize a standing desk myself. This is the hub of research and communication for the twenty-first century woman more often than not on her feet throughout the day. At least it is my hub! It was frugally and practically made from wood, screws, nails, burlap, staples and wood stain. The total cost was around $50.

I try to keep the top clear of anything but my computer, phone and camera. I love the shelf that holds a basket for all those little things you need, and a printer. The burlap curtain hides our schooling supplies. (I was burlap inspired by this curtain below a kitchen sink, although I didn't make it with the ruffle!)

I adore this desk. It is located near the kitchen, dining room and living room - easy access for this lady! I adore that my husband took the time to make it for me. A piece that will be so fun to pass down one day.

Besides that, I think it's really pretty!


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