christmas special: povitica

Isn't it amazing that the time of year when the weather lulls us into hibernation, the holidays pull us back out and over stimulate us with celebrating?! Concerts, special dinners, Christmas decorating, gift purchasing, and one of my favorites, baking. 

Povitica is a special Croatian bread that I make for my family to enjoy. Last year, I documented the entire process, and today as I was laboring (because it IS an all day labor of love) I was thankful that I didn't have to stop at each step and take a picture because I'd already done that! 

Each ethnic group has their special dishes and food items. Growing up my siblings and I ate homemade Povitica made by my granny who had married a Croatian man. I use the recipe that her sister-in-law passed on to her, and as I take the time to carefully craft this bread, I am thankful to pass on this unique baked good to my own children. 

There is much more baking to do, but since these loaves take all day to create I'll leave the other goodies for another day. In fact, I've actually written down a two-week plan on what special foods I'd like to create over the holidays. I've never taken the time to plan so well for holiday meals, but I'm hoping it will help me enjoy the process of creating not just the end result.


Susanna said…
So lovely! It's such a delicious bread!